Someone really wanted to make a statement with this story. It gets a little too preachy and obvious for my current taste, but this is another early story that was written around ’05 or ’06. I don’t remember writing it, but it looks like things going on in the Middle East and other parts of the world were bothering me.

    Time of the Child

     By R. Cypress

       In recent years a strange phenomenon has been taking place in different countries across the world. No one has been able to explain this phenomenon, and no official documentation has been made for it. It is something that has simply existed under the radar so far and has only been witnessed by a handful of people. Here are four accounts of this very unusual occurrence:

In a desert country, a young dark-skinned girl lay asleep on the floor of a small hut. A thin blanket, that barely covered her upper torso rested over her. The young girl was infected with the virus that had been plagued her entire village, and her body was slowly starting to show the distress caused by the disease. The virus had already claimed the life of her mother and two sisters, along with millions throughout her village and country. All she could do was wait for her time.

On a night where it seemed like ever star in the universe could be seen, the young girl was awakened by an intense white light hovering above her. As the light got brighter and brighter, the young girl felt a sudden thrust within her stomach and then the light disappeared. Not wanting to wake her father—who was already left paralyzed by the virus—to tell him what had just occurred, the young girl went back to sleep. After a couple of months the young girl came to the realization that she was with child. Since she was untouched by any man, the young girl knew that her baby was going to be special. After convincing her father that she was still untouched and was carrying what she believed to be a miracle, the two made plans for the unborn child.

“Your child will be a great leader in the world.”

The father was filled with joy for his daughter and grandchild; however, as time went on, both the young girl and her father fell deeper into illness. They prayed that help would come from another country and that they would be able survive long enough to raise the young girl’s child. Seven months into the pregnancy the young girl’s father died from the virus. The young girl herself was extremely weak and could no longer walk. A neighbor helped take care of her, and they were there to deliver her premature baby boy. A couple of hours after the birth the young girl passed away. The infant boy born to an untouched girl in the desert country was incredibly ill from the moment it came into the world. The people of the village did as much as they could to keep the child alive, but two weeks after his birth the baby boy became another victim of the virus.

Approximately a year later:

In another country, a young woman was asleep in her apartment when a bright white light floating above her awakened her. The light hung there for a couple of minutes, and then the women felt a kick in her stomach. The light quickly disappeared, and the young woman was left in the dark again. Believing that she had just experience some sort of bizarre dream, the young woman went back to sleep.

As time went on the woman began to experience symptoms of being pregnant. Since she was a virgin, she ignored all the signs until her stomach began to get bigger and bigger. After getting tested, her fears were confirmed. She was pregnant. As her pregnancy began to show people began to deeply question her, especially her family. Her mother called her a whore. Her father disowned her. Everyone in her community seemed to hold contempt for her and her bastard child. She quit her job, lost her boyfriend and eventually locked herself away in her apartment to be left alone with what she considered a curse.

When the child was born the young woman was still in her apartment. She gave birth to a boy on the kitchen floor and murdered him in the bathtub two hours after delivery. She and the dead newborn were found a couple of days later. The young woman was locked away, and the deceased infant was buried next to one of his great uncles.

Several months later:


In a different country, a woman in her late twenties was asleep on a park bench when a bright light awakened her. As with the two other women, she felt a kick in her stomach and then the light disappeared. The woman believed the light was some sort of sign from a greater power. Inspired by her vision she checked herself into rehab and ended her use of drugs. She was able to convince her parents to allow her to live with them so that she could get back on her feet. The woman found a job as a janitor in a school, where she quickly proved herself to be a great employee.

Her pregnancy became apparent after four months. She tried to convince her parents that she had never been with a man, but they refused to believe her. After nine months the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The child was loved greatly by his mom and grandparents. They gave him as much as they could. His mother regarded him as a miraculous gift and knew in her heart that he was destined for great things. One day, the woman got on a bus with her young child. Ten minutes later the bus exploded along with three other buses around the city. Both the woman and her child were killed by the act of terrorism.

Two months later:

In a different country, a young, brown-skinned teenage girl was asleep in her bed when a white light awakened her. The girl was left speechless by the sudden light that hung above her until she felt the kick in her stomach. The girl told her parents the next day about what had happened; however, her parents were too busy to pay attention to their child’s story. They were more concerned about the welfare of their country which was slowly being torn apart by a war.

Everyday the conditions of the country got worse. Their country was soon invaded by bigger country that wanted retaliation for several terrorist acts that the bigger country blamed on theirs. While all this was going the girl began to show signs of her pregnancy. Her parents kept her hidden from their neighbors since they feared what would happened if someone found out that their unmarried daughter was going to have a child. The girl knew she was unsoiled and claimed her unborn child to be a future messiah.

The birth of the infant boy was a fairly easy one, and the young girl was back on her feet in a couple of days. One night while putting her son to sleep, the young girl heard what seemed to be an actual word come from the baby’s mouth. He said it three times and after the third one the girl understood him.


The next day the girl’s town, along with others in her country, was showered with bombs from the sky. Hundreds of people were killed, including the girl, her child and family.

That was the last time the phenomenon was seen by anyone. Some say it’s not really a phenomenon, but rather events told incorrectly. No one can really be certain of what has taken place and why it has happened. We can only hope that one day we will be able to get it straightened out.